Soulmate | HotShots | Review

HotShots released Arohi and Akshit starrer ‘Soulmate‘ directed and produced by Roopesh Rai Sikand.

The story revolves around a boy who loves his girlfriend Kajal but she left him and he decided to commit suicide but his friend Diksha saves his life. She take care of him. Diksha have to stay at his home for 21 days due to complete lockdown. They started loving each other. They both wanted to marry after the lockdown. Twist comes when Kajal realizes her mistake and comes back to Rohan. Rohan betrays Diksha for Kajal.

HotShots is known for its story and new actors. Male actor Akshit is good. He deserves to get more projects. Arohi’s acting and dialogues are little bit disappointing. Story concept is good. Roopesh did well in his direction. Sex scenes are not so great, it’s ok ok.


  • Great story, direction
  • Male actor’s acting is good


  • A little disappointment in sex scene
  • Female actor’s acting is not good. She needs to polish her acting

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