Slave | ChikooFlix | Review

As they said Slave is a pro level uncut. It was not a uncut but the erotica scenes are pro level. ChikooFlix successfully stepped in the industry with some last series.

Sonia and Ansu did very well. They performed so passionately. Lots of pussy finguring scenes. Look wise both actor are not good. Ansu has a good body and pro romantic but his expressions are so scary.

Now this erotic industry reached to its next level. Viewers can see different types of movies/series daily.

This Slave is worth to watch it. I would say it’s not a one time watch. you can watch it many times coz it has many sexy scenes.


  • Pussy finguring scenes
  • Passionate sex scenes
  • Both actors were involved
  • BDSM sex scenes


  • No story
  • Male’s expression is so scary