Lights Camera Action | BedFlix | Review

BedFlix entered in the erotic movie with Lights Camera Action movie starring A Verma and Preeti directed by Raaj. Tauseef played a guest role as a director in the film.

This is a story of a boy Aryan who came to Mumbai to become an actor but he got cheated by a girl Preeti, who is a producer’s daughter. Aryan went to the director to give audition but the director asked him to come tomorrow. Aryan come again next day. This time the director give him a Rs. 200 note and kicked him. Preeti took him to her home. They both did sex at her place. She promised to make him a superstar in just two days. But she flew away and never came back.

Raaj is the new director in the industry and his projects are doing very well. We have seen many films on this topic but this story is good in erotic category. Actors are new. A Verma performed very well. Preeti is quite disappointing but Tauseef’s cameo as a director fills that gap.

Sex scenes are just normal not so good. Video quality is very good. Dubbing is very good but missed some points. Dialogues are good but some were repetitive. This will be improved in future projects. A good start for Raaj and company. A must watch film. Great future for Raaj and BedFlix.


  • Acting wise, story wise, direction wise, its a good film
  • Tauseef performed very well in his cameo
  • Video quality is very nice
  • Best dialogues
  • It’s not a time pass film


  • Repetitive dialogues
  • Sex scenes can be improved

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