Kaamwali Bai | EightShots | Review

Eightshots is releasing very good content. I can say it grabbed the second position after Fliz Movies.

Kaamwali Bai is a story of a maid and a house owner. The maid came to get some work for Rs. 5000 /- per month. She started to seduce him. The maid seduction part is so erotic. Some people dream of having sex with their maid. This series can seduce you.

They both started having sex. But after doing sex, the maid was so upset for what she did. She make a plan to grab his bungalow. She did sex with the house owner one more time. He falls into her trap. They do sex again.

This time maid force him to name his bungalow to her. He slapped her and she slapped back him. He bumps out her from the house but she is not ready to leave the house. Owner attacked her with a knife, she defends and accidentally the owner got killed.

Dubbing is so bad, music is extra. We have seen this type of mistakes in Bonny & Babai movies.


  • Maid seduction is so seductive
  • Outfit of maid
  • EightShots tried to give desi touch and they made it


  • Sex scenes are as usual, nothing new
  • Dubbing is so bad
  • Missed original sound
  • Music is so loud