Hot Star Interview Series 04 | Super Tan

Here is the spiciest interview of a man who is director/actor/producer. He needs no introduction. He is heartthrob, the handsome director Tan ( insta @supertan_007). The owner of Liha films directed many successful films like Gunpoint, The Typewriter, Intercourse series, Muthiya, Rasam, and Bhabhi Special.

What inspired you to get into the erotica industry? 

Well I acted in many.. Apart from that it’s a Booming genre industry. It’s easy to attract viewers by Erotic Story. Nevertheless you can also show your talent of film making.

Who is your favourite artist and why?

I like Nehal Vadoliya as an artist and recently Jayati Thakar. As an actor, they both are awesome in this genre. In male, I like Paras Randhava and Ranjeet Jha. Shikha Sinha is a fabulous artist too. And my personal favourite is Sejal Shah. Riya Gheyar is Good as well. But then again I like everyone who has worked with me.

What has been your biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it?

Making them act who doesn’t even have camera knowledge but just beautiful faces… Please don’t ask Names🤣. Everyone says that I can make tree act… So I try to convince myself by saying that it’s a tree and should act and they do.😉

What projects do you have coming  up ?

There are many  Amar Prem, Scorned, Parchhayi, Mafia, Bye 2, Intercourse Reloaded, Khwaab.. etc

What is your advice to aspiring performer?

Every actor who wants to join Erotic Industry should be confident, bold, smart and strong mind is needed.

How is the shoot amidst this pandemic ?  

Well we shot with all the safety measures. And by the Grace of God all of us Safe and Healthy.

What is your favourite directed film /series and why? 

I like Parchhayi and Mafia most. Still not released but I have change my making style a bit with that.

Most people wants you to make bisexual shows will you make it ?

Yes of course… I am planning if I get good Script.

What is your biggest dream, where do you want to be in next 5 years? 

My biggest dream is to achieve what my fav Director Raju Hirani has achieved. Next 5 years don’t know but in a year I want everyone to know me in the mainstream cinema as well as a successful director.

Many, mainly women audience would love to see you back in screen,  can we expect that to happen?

Very soon