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How did you get into Erotica? Could you give us some background?

Well I accept work as it comes. I did an erotic French film in 2015. So these days it’s good employment during the lockdown. And after my first series page 3, I’m flooded with offers, It came via Instagram. I was apprehensive but the script was nice and described me the screenplay. I liked the small sequence. I read the script. It was kinda fun And I dived in And I started enjoying the game and attention after the release.

What matters the most while doing an intimate scene?

Hygiene matters, Music and the teamwork.

How was your first onscreen kiss?

My first on-screen kiss was long ago during an international ad campaign, in 2015 for Colgate Bangladesh.

How is it working with Sonia Rajput in Gupt?

She’s a thorough professional Friendly and supportive, we received some good feedback.

How did you feel when You first time went naked on the camera? Did u have any inhibitions?

Of course, I had inhibitions. I was nervous and shy, But gradually with the support of our team it gets better.

Will you work nude in the future?

I’m being only offered nude films now. It’s overwhelming and flattering the directors are focusing on it as the channels demand it. But I like good treatment of the scene and quality. Let’s see if good scripts come my way

Who is your fav director? And why? Does the comfort level in doing nudity also change based on who is the director?

Yeah, of course, the comfort level changes for sure. I’m liking all my directors and I have immense gratitude for the opportunity. Abhijit was my first director, Parag has been wonderful recently, Vijay Bute too has been extremely friendly and supportive.

What is the one creative change you want to bring in erotica

I love nature, cars, ocean. So I would love if the scenes are shot more there

Will you do bisexual scenes if offered?

No, Maybe only if it’s a festival film, With strong characters and a good message.

What is your biggest dream?

At the moment I’m very happy and content I do have big dreams. I wanna do a nice Hollywood Netflix series, action drama romance

Who is your fav co-actor?

Sonia as I have done two with her, Jills is also a new actress she’s fun to work with.

How did you start your career in acting?

I was a kid and I started auditioning for ad films. I did some top brands Dominos, Dcold Total, Mirinda with Asin, Lays with Dhoni – my first commercial, Pepperfry furniture, etc and many more. Then I participated in reality shows. I got a lot of fame then I did tv-shows, Big f on MTV, Gumrah on channel V, Yeh hai Aashiqui on UTV. Then I did a film in 2018 a sex comedy Shaadi Abhi Baaki Hai. Then I did Yeh Teri Galiyan as the parallel lead.

What are your future projects, and in future what can we expect?

I’m immersed and flooded with websites and erotic projects. So there’s doctor doctor for Fliz ready to release And 6 more that I have shot. Gupt has been released on Feneo Movies, Baarish is superhit. We got many good reviews for it.

How is your friend’s reaction?

My friends are all shocked but they like and support. They don’t encourage it but my female friends are super happy 😆

Who is your inspiration?

Ummnnn honestly my inspiration is me, when I look into the mirror I want to achieve fame success wealth and happiness for myself.

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