Sauteli | Fliz Movies | Review

Story: Sapna marries the financier and tries to seduce his son. His son neglects her and he goes and haves fun with his GF. Meanwhile Sapna invites her old friend for a quick fuck at home when her husband is travelling.

Erotic Meter: Four different sessions in this episode and one is extremely short

Sapna plays with her son in law in her dreams:

Bold display by Sapna

>>Nipple Aerola seen at times in this session

>>Foreplay missing Quick session with her husband:

>> Nothing much here since this is super fast session Session between two lovers:

>>Extremely beautiful girl

>>Good display of her body

>>No Bedsheets and natural session

>>Foreplay is quite short and an extended foreplay would have increased the eroticity by a great extent

Session Between Sapna & lover:

>>Assets are covered by Sapna

>>Nipple Pokie

>>Foreplay is again missing


>>Another Bold display from Sapna

>>Cute actress in full nude however there is no display of frontal nudity >>No Bedsheets

>>Story development


>>Hardcore flizians may not accept this boldness from Sapna, they want to see her even bolder

>>Absence of extended foreplay