Sapna Bhabhi S2E3

Apki Sapna Bhabhi S2E3

The episode starts with nude see through dancing of sapna bhabhi. But there is something else which distracted me, the fluorescent colors nylon thread which was used for holding the white cloths. It looked like a desi juggad but it should have been shot in such a way were the string is not visible.

There is nothing much in the episode some more dancing in bikini and song etc. There is also a weird orgasm scene. Either way fliz should have ended the season with two episodes if they didn’t have anything different to add on. Because I don’t think Sapna bhabhi would be doing nude. Lets see if episode 4 has something new I don’t have any high hopes personally.

Didn’t like this episode you can avoid as there is nothing new. Maybe Sapna’s hardcore fans would like it.


  • Other than see through I can hardly think of anything


  • Nothing newer than what Sapna done before
  • Not much of kissing, No boob pressing, No sex scene, just another censored episode
  • Unprofessional nylon thread thing

One thought on “Sapna Bhabhi S2E3

  1. worst no nudity, no sucking, no frontal nudity, waste of time .. Fliz if u want to censored pls do some bollywood song with her .. pls dont cast her again Make season 3 with Dolon, she will be gud for extreme nudity

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