Nuru Massage | NueFliks | Review

NueFliks released the first episode of most awaited series ‘Nuru Massage‘, Starring Preeti Puneet, Sana, Ronni, Allauddin and Suraj directed by the first and only female director of erotic industry Gehana Vasishtha.

This is a story of a massage parlour where clients come for Nuru Massage. Story and concept is totally new. Gehana Vasishtha always did her best. We already watched her in many movies as an actor as well as a director.

NueFliks is raising its standard quality wise and story wise. Now its focus is on the story rather than sex scenes. Gehana Vasishtha always focuses on story, her last project including Murrah did very well.

We have seen Sana and Sonia many times but Gehana Vasishtha presented them in a different way. They acted like they are doing it in real life. Sana’s massage part is so erotic and seductive. She has nice assets. You can see her asshole clearly. Sonia also showed her asshole clearly. This part makes this episode so erotic. Now we can say Hollywood level erotic scene.


  • You can see clearly visible asshole of Sana & Sonia
  • Best direction, story, concept by Gehana Vasishtha
  • Massage part is so erotic
  • Hollywood level erotic scene


  • Sonia’s part could be longer