Judwa Web series| Fliz | Review

Cast : Roza Rizwan, Sneha , Chandrima BanerjeeDir-Roy

Episode 2 review

Over all Judwa continues as mediocre series, with bad direction , mechanical scenes and over acting.

Roza Rizwan part is good to watch wtih her looks and foreplay, Sneha part in better visual quality than her previous releases, there is also a shot of violent bouncing boobs, this was a plus.

What is notable about the second episode?

  • Roza’s good scene from last episode continues, more foreplay, good visuals than her previous releases
  • They shouldn’t have split the Roza scene like this, just for 3 minutes
  • Chandima part more dialog and domination play. Some more foreplay press than her usual scenes
  • Sneha part -better visuals than her previous releases. Violent bouncing was good
  • MAIN issues
  • — all intimacy scenes are mechanical
  • — irritating editing gimmicks
  • — Sneha and Chandrima is made to over act too much in intimacy scenes

Sneha’s bouncing boob portion was something watch, while not sure of its sensuality part, it was a good shot , not seen before

Episode 1 review

If I have to describe the episode in one word haywire, ie; erratic or out of control!

There are three intimacy scenes. Two of which are extremely weird. Watch this for Roza part for some foreplay and Roza!

Chandrima Banerjee scene is all about banging. Chandrima too much acting, but no result for us. The male actor does it funny than erotic! IF anyone with fetish just to see Chandrima’s super fare skin show, that is all this part got! Chandrima’s restrictions in intimacy scenes and over acting to create eroticism is becoming a turn off now!

Threesome scene seems like a wasted opportunity, having a good performer like Sneha in it. I thought that would get to see lot from her, I don’t know what the director was thinking with these kind of sex scenes. Sneha scene looked good in natural color visuals than her previous releases. But there wasn’t even a good shot of her melons in this scene.

Also the first 2 scenes just jump in to sex with with no build up, may be because the director wanted to squeeze in 3 scenes in to 15 minutes.

The only highlight of this episode is Roza’s scene with ample attention to boob play and nipple sucking but again there wasn’t much attention given to her lower body or even banging scenes weren’t there. Roza’s massive boobs and cute face is always good to watch. Watch this episode if you are Roza fan otherwise there isn’t much.

  • Roza Rizwan – Good performance and ample boob – nipple play
  • Sneha scene better natural colors, than her previous releases
  • Nothing of any sort of foreplay
  • Mechanical actions and over-acting with face
  • Weird sex and threesome scenes.
  • Disappointing that good performer like Sneha is wasted
  • The whole episode is haywire

Every one, except Roza was over acting too! Dir-Roy makes Jalwa – Sneha Pramanik and Brides kind of super episodes; and this and Chandni bhabhi type flops.

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  1. Roza is the saving grace of this disaster episode. Her boobs are so amazing that both the director and the actor seem to forget that there are other parts of her as well 😁 Hopefully some other director will explore her in a much better way.

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