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Story 1 ( Unfaithful ) – Episode 1
Sister confronts brother for delaying his marriage and he agrees for marriage. He has a servant who is with him from very young. He gets married to Arpita Basak. He goes on an office tour and arpitas revealing saree arouses the servant and they both make love.

Story 2 ( Psycho ) – Episode 2
Hero(psycho) gets aroused after seeing a fliz movie on his laptop and calls up the agent to arrange a girl for bondage fuck. Meanwhile our heroine is fucking with another customer and after the session, customer gets enraged looking at the agents message on her phone. Herione travels to heros place for bondage fuck.

Story 3 ( Actress ) – Episode 3
Journalist goes to interview an actress (Sneha) and ends up fucking her.

Erotic Meter:

Episode 1:
Arpitas Bath:
She unwraps from saree to panties slowly which is captured quite well by director. It would have been an even better show if she had been wearing a bra. Arpitas big boobs and equally huge nipples are sight to watch. We also get a glimpse of her nude ass

Session between Arpita & servant:
Normal love making session with not much good foreplay. Only advantage is that we are able to see arpitas huge boobs and nipples again. It seems that Arpita did not want her nipple to be sucked and this can be clearly made out in the scene.

Episode 2:
Session between customer & heroine:
Normal fuck session with not much importance to foreplay or intimacy. Erect Nipples, Boob show, ass show and normal fuck session in the end. There is nothing new here.

Session between heroine & hero (psycho):
Bondage style is depicted by tieing the hands of heroine while fucking for a very short period. But only highlight is the view of the pussy for a very brief period with bad lighting. There is not much to add in this session as well. Erect nipples, nipple sucking, pussy show, bondage style fuck are highlights of this session.

Episode 3:
Session between interviewer & Actress (Sneha):

This episode is best of the series and lifts up a dull series till now. This series takes the nudity concept to a different level. Foreplay is well executed and usage for ice for foreplay is a novel concept. Sneha blows away all of us with another exceptional performance. Her nude pussy is shown with such clarity and entire episode is more like watching an uncut video from Fliz. There is also a 69 session which looks more real and seems as though they have executed 69 on screen itself. Pussy fingering is also clearly shown and hanging balls of male actress during 69 session should excite the female fans. Nipple sucking and erect nipples of Sneha are also a treat to watch. Another show run by sole effort of the Glam queen, Sneha.

Big boobs and huge nipples of Arpita (ep 1)
Different concept tried – Bondage Style (ep 2)
Nude Pussy Show & fingering (ep 3)
Balls of male actor (ep3)
Ice cube foreplay (ep 3)
A must watch series (ep 3)

Well known storyline of an adult film across all episodes
Bondage concept could have been explored more (ep 2)
Poor lighting ( ep 2 )