Bhook | Episode 5 | Fliz | Kavitha Radheshayam & Monica Budhiraja

Kavita Radheshyam , Monika BudhirajaDir : Faisal Saif

This episode starts with a big bang and we are already thinking of a lesbian session between Kavita and Monica. But there is a slow build up for the same and disappoints in the end with fingering session by Monica on herself and on Kavita.

In both occasions, they pretend to do it since it is covered by dress. Slow and erotic caressing of nipples of Monica by Kavita is the only hottest scene of this session. Then story moves into a sex session between Nishant pandey and Monica who does the same under the instruction of Kavita.

There are small traces of big nipples of Kavita at times. But the dark theme, dull and bluish lighting do not reveal much of nipples.


  • Erotic caressing of Monicas boobs
  • Good ending to the series


  • No real lesbian session
  • Monica with Nishant could have been more passionate
  • Dull lights avoid revealing more of nudity

Episode ends with Nishant not in his bed and it seems that he had managed to escape from Kavita.

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