Apki Sapna Bhabhi S2E1 – Show for fans

Fliz , Sapna and TAN are teaming up again for Season 2 of Sapna Bhabhi

The season starts with a racy blouse which shows Sapna’s assets popping out. In-fact both the outfits in this episode portray her voluptuousness. Lot of attention is paid to boobs and cleavage with foam etc at the start. Though maybe they could have used more of the foam and wetness etc.

Sapna brings her killer bhabhi expressions in the game.


The intimacy scene in the episode starts with little bit of kissing, we would have loved to see more kissing.

Kiss and Intimacy
Skin Show – same as last season in this episode

There isn’t boob pressing here atleast in the first episode. Though that shot where Sapna’s shoves the male actors face onto her boobs is so sexy!!!! That does the trick every time but haven’t seen much of that in Indian erotica maybe it should be done more regularly its really awesome. Sapna also does little foot job on the penis which wasn’t seen in the first season.

In Action

The other thing I liked is the blowjob with shadow scene its really innovative don’t remember seeing it anywhere. Also there is a boobs bouncing in shadows


  • A bit of Foot job
  • Shadow Blowjob
  • Sapna’s racy outfits and killer expressions would excite the fans


  • Less intimacy and kissing
  • From a non sapna fan perspective, this would not be enough
    1. No much attention is paid to boob play
    2. Foreplay could have been more
    3. No nudity, but Sapna has said she won’t go totally topless

Final thought

Sapna fans will see this as a good start of a series, where more to come. Others, who have been exposed to much nudity in Fliz and other platforms, may not find it great.

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