Aapki Sapna Bhabhi S2 E02 | Fliz | Sapna Bolder than ever for fans

The episode starts with continuation of last scene. This Ep 02 is bolder than what Sapna Sappu ever presented on screen for her fans!

The good part is there is good amount of kissing involved in this episode as compared to the last one.

The removing of bra is so hotttt, of course there is see through but it great(btw there was a lesser see through in the red blouse in shower and blue blouse in the first season for those of who all remember it but here the see through is the maximum). But my favorite is when sapna shoves the male actor’s face onto her breast that is big turn-on always. I hope more directors do that and more actresses are comfortable doing it, TAN has captured that beautifully. There is little bit of boob play here as well.

Liked the butt grabbing there is lots of this in this episode. I particularly liked the thin black underwear where Sapna’s full butt is visible.

The butt view in the cowgirl position is so great. Not much of banging in this scene.


  • Butt squeezing
  • Kissing (not there in last episode)
  • Nipple see through that the best of both seasons


  • No much of banging

The episode ends with a massage with lots of butt squeezing which will complete in the next episode mostly.

TAN and Sapna made an effort to bring some thing new to excite Sapna fans. More attention to lower body and ass squeezing and a real transparent nipple see through were add on from last season.