Kasoor – A Hidden Truth – EP02 – Bolder Priyanka, Hotter Arita

The magic of  Parag Sharma is clearly continue with Ep2 too. In this episode screen credit is equally shared between Priyanka Upadhyay and Arita Paul. Focus still on the foreplay but this time the overall intensity is less than what we witnessed yesterday in Ep1. 

Storyline – Priyanka is waiting for a call from Gaurav and wondering why he is not calling her after that she was seen in a solo masturbation. Next day Gaurav arrives at their house and left with Arita to meet his parent instead of that they involved in a love making at Gaurav’s place. 


Gaurav acted decently in this episode, in some part of the love making scene with Arita his expression was bit weird.  

Priyanka Upadhyay looks beautiful in this episode and acted brilliantly in the solo masturbation scene. The 9+ minutes scene was brilliantly executed with enough focus on nipple stimulation and under panty play. She even tried to suck her own nipples which is a nice attempt. Now we are looking for her chemistry with Gaurav may be in the next episode. 

Arita Paul – Arita Paul looks beautiful and  acted nicely in this episode too. Its her back to back long love making scene and in this 15+ minutes love making scene she didn’t disappoint us at all. Although the intensity was bit off in this episode in compare to the last one. The foreplay started nicely with enough French kiss and tongue play. She again looked very comfortable in the love making scene. Hope this magic will continue in next episodes too. 


Direction wise Parag Sharma and K. Zama did a very good job. The  High Definition defiantly taking the viewing pleasure to a different level. Voice dubbing, camerawork and lighting again of top notch like previous episode. If I consider this as a standalone episode then it is definitely a very good executed episode. The only issue audience may notice if they start comparing both the episodes mainly it’s released in consecutive days, the foreplay was more intense in Ep 1 and few scenes in Ep2 might look repetitive. Apart from that everything looks perfect. And we completely understand that its not always that easy to meet all expectation  when the previous episode was a blockbuster hit but having said that this episode is also filmed and executed very nicely. 

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