Kassor  – A hidden Truth – EP01 – Arita Paul bolder hotter

This is one of the best release in recent time in all OTTs platform. Parag Sharma proved himself again with this masterclass. K. Zama also must be feeling proud for such an outcome at the end of the day. HD quality video increased the visual delight a lot. In nutshell its a well directed and acted episode mainly focus on the love making of Aritaa Misti Paul and Gaurav Singh with side support from Priyanka Upadhyay. 

Storyline – Two office colleagues (Arita and Priyanka)  staying together and Arita in a relationship with a blogger played by Gaurav. One day Arita invited Gaurav to her house to introduce him to Priyanka. After initial chit chat in living room Arita invites Gourav to show her bedroom where a 16 minutes intense love making is happening between them. Priyanka also overhear their moaning sound and play with herself outside the door. When Gaurav is leaving, Priyanka passes her mobile number to Gaurav in disguise to Arita. This will set the plot for next episode. 


Gaurav was really good and fully supported Arita in the love making scene. Priyanka also acted decently in this episode whereas the focus was completely on Arita. 

Arita Paul – She is brilliant in her first long shoot lovemaking scene. Completely nailed the episode with her killer expression and acting. This episode was clearly focused on intense foreplay and she did a great job in all parts of the foreplay be it nipple sucking, ass kissing or tongue play. She looked very comfortable in almost all part of the love making scene. She also looked very nice in her costume too. 

Only remake – In the first minute of the love making scene she over-acted a bit but it was corrected very quickly. 


Brilliant piece of work, I am sure this is best work by Parag Sharma to date. By shooting this in High Definition they already own lots of heart. Direction was flawless and I must give kudos to both of them for the excellent camerawork and lighting. I didn’t find any drawback in this episode, a perfect end product. They should feel proud for this good work. 

My final statement this is a must watch episode for all Indian erotic lover.

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